Disaster loses calculation workshop

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Disaster loses calculation workshop

From the 23-25 August 2017, the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) conducted a training on disaster loss calculation. Participants of this training were senior officers from the National Disaster Management Agency and stakeholder institutes.



As a follow up to one of the bilaterals made at the Disaster Risk Reduction Conference in Cancun, Mexico in May 2017, The Gambia joined the 26 countries using the Desinventar. Desinventar, is a sofware that creates a harmonised disaster risk information system all over the globe in accordance with standards from the Sandai Famework.

The objectives of this training are:


· Track disaster loses

· Report against sandai targets

· Have a probabilistic risk profile

· Developing a national cost-benefit analysis of development policy for risk-infromed planning

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