National Platform Meeting




On the 4th April, 2017, the National Disaster Management Agency held a meeting for the National Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation. The meeting brought together participants from different government ministries, departments and sectors and actors from the civil society, humanitarian, academic and private sectors. More importantly, the meeting attracted the participation of top government officials who expressed their interest and commitment to the advancement of disaster risk reduction in the country.

Furthermore, the meeting discussed how to revive the national platform to enable it to provide advocacy and other support to the NDMA. This will require constant interactions between and among platform members who will serve as ambassadors and link NDMA to opportunities both within and outside the country.

Finally, the delegates shared important knowledge and ideas on the implementation of the Sendai Framework 2015-2030, the world’s blueprint agreement on disaster reduction. This enabled the delegates to discuss ideas and next steps that will strengthen the capacity of the NDMA in preparing and responding to disasters.

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IDDR 2017

International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction is scheduled the 13th October

Venue: LRR

Theme: "Home Safe Home: Reducing Exposure, Reducing Displacement"


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NDMA Management Team and other Senior Government Officials during a planning meeting.